America needs its Latinos to Prosper

"To prosper, it must not exclude them [Latinos], but help them realise their potential."
- The Economist

Latinos Drive New Business

"Immigrants, Latinos Helped Drive Business Creation Last Year"
- Wall Street Journal

First of its kind Research

The most extensive research and analysis on
Latino businesses in U.S. history conducted by
Stanford University Researchers.

Scaling is the Key

Our research indicates that Latinos are prolific in starting businesses,
but struggle to scale their companies.


We have launched Latino entrepreneurship education and research programs at Stanford University.

Who We Are

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We are a non-profit entrepreneurship organization based in Palo Alto, CA and are set on changing the world by helping Latino owned businesses and startups grow large and fast. We currently have two programs at Stanford University. One is the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program and the other is a research initiative on Latino business owners.

Our vision is to strengthen America through Latino entrepreneurship research, and education impact programs at Stanford University. We accomplish this through our mission to dramatically impact American communities by empowering leaders to grow substantial firms that create jobs, develop leaders and spawn a new generation of companies. Our goal is to double the number of $10+ million, 100+ million, $1+ billion Latino owned businesses by 2020.


The Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program at LBAN is an investment in Hispanic business owners to scale their business through an immersive program that provides owners the education, networks, mentorship and access to capital to grow their business, create jobs and build a stronger economy.

We know the time it takes to run a successful company. If you are selected for the 6-week program, our goal is to keep the online content to 4-6 hours per week in addition to the time you will schedule with mentors. You only need to be physically at Stanford twice. 

our programs