SLELP4 2017 | Latino Entrepreneurship

Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program 

6 Weeks To Transform Your Business

SLELP4 spring 2017 

The Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program at LBAN is an investment in Hispanic business owners to scale their business through an immersive program that provides owners the education, networks, mentorship and access to capital to grow their business, create jobs and build a stronger economy.

We know the time it takes to run a successful company. If you are selected for the 6-week program, our goal is to keep the online content to 4-6 hours per week in addition to the time you will schedule with mentors. You only need to be physically at Stanford twice.

The intent of the program is to elevate entrepreneurs. As such, we do not take equity. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, the program costs $500, only a fraction of the true cost to run this program.

About the program: In addition to mentorship, the custom online course is based on a course developed by two Stanford professors, who are internationally recognized as experts in scaling businesses - Professor Huggy Rao and Professor Bob Sutton. The course entitled "Scaling Excellence Through Innovation" speaks directly to the scaling issue that our research highlights as key to the success of Latino Owned Businesses. We have customized this course by adding content that speaks directly to the unique challenges Hispanic entrepreneurs might face in scaling their businesses


Applications are open!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Program Elements



The Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program features curriculum shaped and delivered by world-class professors from Stanford's Graduate School of Business and Engineering School, as well as Hispanic business owners who have successfully scaled their companies.



We have developed an online engagement platform where Hispanic business owners can connect to mentors and other business leaders. We also work to pair business leaders with a mentor.



The Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program kick-off and closing will be on the Stanford campus, bringing together business leaders, mentors and investors to build community on a regional and national level.



We invite Latino business owners from across the United States with high potential firms to apply. We are looking for...

  1. Hispanic business owners that have generated $1 Million in revenue or have raised $500,000 of external funding. Non-profits must have budgets of $1M+.
  2. Hispanic business owners that have a clear vision and are invested in their community.
 Final Application Deadline: We encourage entrepreneurs to apply early! We are reading and accepting applicants on a rolling basis - as the class fills admission becomes more competitive. 
  1. Time commitment: Expect 4-6 hours of content per week, plus weekly mentor meetings and attending the kickoff event and the closing at Stanford. 
  2. Goal: The intent of the program is to elevate entrepreneurs; as such, we do not take equity. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, the program costs $500, only a fraction of the true cost to run this program.
  3. Questions: Want to learn more? Feel free to contact our program manager
*Privacy policy: We promise to keep your information private and will not share it unless we ask first.

Team, Mentors & Capital Advisors

Jerry Porras

Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Board Chair ~Bio

Hayagreeva Rao

Stanford Professor & Course Development ~Bio

Phil Pompa

Phil Pompa

Interim Executive director ~Bio

Phil Pompa

Nina Vaca

Chairman & CEO, Pinnacle Technical Resources & SLEI Role Model, Featured in Curriculum ~Bio

Amelia Morán Ceja

President & Owner Ceja Vineyards & SLEI Role Model, Featured in Curriculum ~Bio

James Gutierrez

CEO, Insikt, Inc. & SLEI Role Model, Featured in Curriculum ~Bio

David Segura

Founder & CEO of VisionIT & SLEI Role Model, Featured in Curriculum ~Bio

Frank Huerta

CEO & Co-Founder of TransLattice & SLEI Role Model, Featured in Curriculum ~Bio

Charles Garcia

CEO, Role Model ~Bio

Giovanni Rodriguez

CEO & Author & Public Speaker & SLEI Advisor ~Bio

Nadine Ramos

CEO, Role Model ~Bio

Leonardo Shapiro

CEO, Role Model & Mentor ~Bio

John Vasquez

Chairman, Newport Capital Bancorp and Capital Advisor ~Bio

James Perez Foster

Entrepreneur, Bank Founder, FinTech Strategist and; Mentor ~ Bio

Fernando Hernandez

Director at Microsoft and Mentor ~ Bio

Gregory Tanner

Aspen Capital Fund and Mentor ~ Bio

Anne-Marie Roussel

Founder, Angel Investor and Capital Advisor ~Bio

Eric Gonzales

Managing Director at Montage Capital and Mentor ~Bio

Gonzalo Pacanins

CEO, Founder and Mentor ~ Bio

Salvael Ortega

New Ventures at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center and Mentor ~Bio

David Alba

Co-Founder and CEO, GRID Logistics and Mentor ~Bio

Beto Pallares

Founder, Joseph Advisory Services and Board of Directors, Ares Materials, Mentor ~Bios

Jessica Acosta

Principal and CEO, Environmental Consulting Services and Mentor ~Bio

Noreen Gillen

Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch and Capital Advisor ~Bio

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a tech startup. Can I still apply?

Yes, we encourage business owners from all industries to apply. We are proud that our cohorts have represented over 40+ industries, both brick & mortar and tech!

Is the cost $500/person or $500/business?

The cost is $500/business. You can absolutely include two team members in the program with no additional cost; however, here's what that looks like:
-Only one executive team member can attend the kickoff event.
-All executive team members are encouraged to attend and participate in all activities for the closing ceremony.
-Each company/team gets 1 login to the course.
-Your team is absolutely welcome and encouraged to join in the optional webinars.
-We welcome all team members to contribute on the virtual community platform.
-You can include your team as you see fit in mentor meetings.

What if my company does not meet the $1M Revenue mark?

Although our preferred criteria is that a company has either generated $1M in revenue (if brick & mortar), or has raised $500,000, we do hold a few select spots for fellows who do not meet the revenue requirements, but who the committee believes are high potential individuals and have a scalable business. For those applicants, we recommend emphasizing what makes you type of individual worth taking a bet on in addition to highlighting how your work will impact the community. You will also need to do a very good job of clearly articulating your vision and where you want to take your company in the future. Applicants who are not accepted, but have applied, will be taken into consideration for future cohorts, as well as invited to our optional webinars.

Do you have to be at Stanford for six weeks?

No, you are only required to travel to Stanford twice-- for the kickoff weekend and for the closing ceremony. The 6-week course occurs online.

Can I still apply if I am not Latino?

Although we are Latino serving, we look at a range of factors when deciding who to accept into the program.