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For general news that is not about our SLELP participants and graduates.

How a Mexican StartUp is Turning Mango Scraps into Nutritional Gold

Enrique Gonzalez, 27, and his partner, Flavio Siller, 26, are the cofounders of EatLimmo, a food-tech startup in  Monterrey, Mexico that’s finding nutritional gold where others just see garbage. EatLimmo is using food science to turn mango seeds, peels and leftover pulp into a fiber-packed powder that can serve as an emulsifier to replace up to 50% of the eggs and fat…
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Latinos: The force behind small-business growth in America

In a country built by immigrants, numbers represent the strength and ability to move forward both culturally and economically. Such is the case for Latinos, a growing force in the United States currently representing 18 percent of the overall population — a number expected to grow to 30 percent by 2060. Read More at CNBC . . .
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Latino entrepreneurs have the drive!

Sol Trujillo with Robert Thompson, News Corp Chief Executive, at SOLE 2015 By Katie Dupere (Mashable) "'When you say the word 'Latino,' what’s the synonym that comes to mind?' Sol Trujillo asks this question, then pauses for a second. A brightness creeps into his voice as he simply states, “My answer is ‘entrepreneur.’” Trujillo, a…
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Hispanic Entrepreneurship Could Mean $1.4 Trillion Boost to U.S.

Remy Arteaga (right) with Robert Thomson and Sol Trujillo at SOLE 2015 By Ali Donaldson (Bloomberg Business) "Laura Jimenez knew she was worth more than she was making, so she started her own business to prove it. The Texas native opened Rockville, Maryland-based FireClean, an emergency cleaning and restoration service, in 1996 at the age…
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