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TEMECULA: High-end rosary maker has faith in her art, business

Arasely Rios has been making rosaries since she was 8. In 2008, the former national director of education for cosmetics company L’Oreal turned the childhood hobby into a business, Seraphym Designs, fulfilling orders from friends and acquaintances who loved her unique designs. She was recently selected for a Stanford program that helps Latino entrepreneurs grow…
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Making tortillas just got a lot more techie

Over the last few years, several models of electric tortilla makers, along with quesadilla and empanada electric makers, have hit the market. While they help make the tortilla-making experience easier, one still has to do the most fundamental part of the whole process — make the masa, roll it into little balls and place on the tortilla…
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Nearpod raises $9.2 million to help teachers use tech for live instruction

Nearpod CEO Guido Kovalskys, wants to see cutting-edge technologies and interactive content become standard tools of the teaching trade. To that end, Nearpod has raised $9.2 million in Series A funding led by Reach Capital to help teachers use mobile tech for live instruction, rather than telling their students to put their phones away. Read more on TechCrunch...
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8 Latino Business Founders Breaking Down Barriers

Gibbens says that no one has a linear path to success, but her flight path does seem straight up: She attended the Air Force Academy, learned to fly and jump out of planes, managed Air Force cruise missiles and even worked on a team dedicated to the U.S. President's Air Force One. Read More at CNBC . .…
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