Monthly Archives: May 2016

How a Mexican StartUp is Turning Mango Scraps into Nutritional Gold

Enrique Gonzalez, 27, and his partner, Flavio Siller, 26, are the cofounders of EatLimmo, a food-tech startup in  Monterrey, Mexico that’s finding nutritional gold where others just see garbage. EatLimmo is using food science to turn mango seeds, peels and leftover pulp into a fiber-packed powder that can serve as an emulsifier to replace up to 50% of the eggs and fat…
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Expanding Latino Entrepreneurship Research

The SLEI, a collaboration between the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) and Stanford University, says Latino entrepreneurship covers a very diverse set of individuals and firm types. Backgrounds, business models and available financing vary greatly -- as does the challenges and opportunities of Latino entrepreneurs depending on geographic           location. These…
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Making tortillas just got a lot more techie

Over the last few years, several models of electric tortilla makers, along with quesadilla and empanada electric makers, have hit the market. While they help make the tortilla-making experience easier, one still has to do the most fundamental part of the whole process — make the masa, roll it into little balls and place on the tortilla…
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